Sports Chiropractor in Colorado Springs

The Key To Your Recovery

There’s a problem with most rehab… it's expensive, time consuming and it doesn't work! Traditional rehabilitation is stuck in the stone ages. It relies on a medical diagnosis and generic exercises that DO NOT WORK. Our approach is different.

We have taken 30 years of study and development, and we want to share it with you. Grounded in the scientific principles of exercise physiology, we apply an individualized approach to every patient under our care.

Chiropractic Adjustments help improve pain and function, but they won't keep you at your highest level indefinitely. We firmly believe that rehab exercises are the key to long-term success. Rehab helps regain the function that you have lost as the result of your injury.

Sometimes strength is lost, or range of motion. Regardless of what is lost, if you don't work on regaining it you will be permanently affected regardless of how good you may now feel. And these physical deficits can set the stage for your complaint to return in the future. The body can also lose strength and range of motion without an injury. Our athletic trainers/therapists work hand in hand with our Sports Chiropractors to structure your rehab in a way that is specific to your presentation.

You deserve rehabilitation that is personalized to your injury and your recovery!

Our Treatments Include:

Our joints are the single most important predictor of physical health. The FRA details your functional ability to control each joint in your body through every available movement. This highly detailed evaluation is a specialized service we provide that few others do. Dr. Shane is the only Chiropractor in Colorado Springs that is certified to perform the Functional Range Assessment.

FRR is an advanced method of treatment that restores normal function to the soft-tissues (muscles, ligaments, connective tissue). FRR matches the appropriate intervention to the needs of the tissues. Dr. Shane is the only Chiropractor in Colorado Springs that performs this therapy.

FRC is a system of exercise used to improve joint health. This system is aligned with the core goals of any Chiropractor: it aims to improve joint mobility, neurological control of movement, and the strength of the connective tissues. Functional Range Conditioning makes up the core of our patient rehabilitation programs as it compliments Chiropractic Adjustments incredibly well.

When you're injured in an auto accident, you are entitled to receive the necessary care to get you back to your pre-accident state. Our team provides a thorough evaluation that will keep your insurance company happy; and an effective care program to ensure you're happy too! We are a leader in the treatment of whiplash and car wrecks in Colorado Springs.

Dry Needling Acupuncture can be used to treat a variety of soft-tissue complaints. Dry Needling Acupuncture is minimally invasive and highly effective at reducing pain and restoring function. Dry Needling Acupuncture is supported by extensive medical science and is a "westernized" application of Acupuncture. These treatments are highly specific, symptom focused, and take less time than traditional Acupuncture.

Cupping draws blood to the affected area to promote healing and ease pain in specific areas. Our rehabilitation specialists may use this technique to help your muscles release tension.

This is an instrument assistant soft tissue therapy with proven results. Graston can help to break down scar tissue help your muscles recover much faster.

Also known as Active Release Therapy or ART - the pin and stretch technique allows our rehabilitation specialists to lock a muscle in place while lengthening that same muscle to reduce restrictions located within the soft tissue.

This is a gentle, but consistent technique that applies pressure on the affected area to help the soft tissue release and aids in reducing stiffness and pain.

Sports Chiropractor in Colorado Springs

Our Approach Is Different

STEP 1: We perform a thorough evaluation to identify the fundamental challenges of your specific injury. We then spend the time that it takes to teach you exercises that will begin the process of changing your body. And we really TEACH you. We work with you to develop the confidence and competence to take control of your own health.

STEP 2: We transition into specific strength development related to your injury.

STEP 3: Your rehabilitation journey culminates in the return to full activity as we finalize your program and transition you to lean on us less and become independent.

You’ve tried the rest…now come work with the best!