New Patient Information

If you are looking for an exceptional Chiropractor in Colorado Springs, you've already found them. As a new patient we'd like to give you some final details before you request more information.

What are the costs of care?

This is a difficult question to answer as the total cost of care is different for each individual based on the number of visits performed and your cost per visit. These prices reflect our self-payment fee schedule and represent the highest level of per-visit costs at our office in Colorado Springs.

When choosing to use health insurance the price you pay is established by your insurance company. You are subject to co-pays and deductibles, as well as visitation limits and medical necessity determinations. Our staff will help estimate your out-of-pocket expense. THIS IS NOT A GUARANTEE OF PAYMENT. You are responsible for any unpaid portions of your care.

Don't be discouraged by poor insurance coverage. While it is unfortunate that some insurances offer poor Chiropractic benefits (or none), several months of high-quality Chiropractic Care will still cost less than a single visit to a hospital emergency room!

Your Initial Evaluation:

  • Set aside 60 min. for your initial evaluation.
  • Please arrive 15 min. before your scheduled time.
  • Fill out your paperwork online prior to the appointment.
  • Be ready to discuss, in detail, your complaint.
  • Bring any X-rays or MRIs for review.
  • DON'T FORGET: Fill out your paperwork online.

What to bring:

  • Comfortable clothing.
  • A Copy of Your Insurance Card
  • Chosen form of payment.

Injured in a Car Wreck?

Here's what we need to get started!

Your insurance:

  • Declarations Page of Insurance (regardless of fault).
  • Insurance Claim Number
  • Insurance Adjustor’s Name
  • Lawyer's Contact Information (If Applicable)
  • Their Insurance:

  • At fault Insurance Company.
  • At fault Insurance Claim Number.
  • At fault Insurance Adjustor’s Name
  • We Currently Accept the Following Insurance:

    - Allianz
    - Aetna
    - Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
    - Cigna
    - Medicare
    - United Healthcare and UMR
    MEDICAID and TRICARE: Please note these insurances DO NOT COVER Chiropractic care as a benefit.

    No Insurance? No problem.

    If you lack insurance coverage, we offer affordable treatment prices that are typically on par with most insurance copays. Our team of Chiropractors provide care in 15 minute slot helping to keep the cost down while not sacrificing the quality of your care. Your out of pocket expense will be the same for each visit, no hidden fees or unexpected charges. You also won't have to decline a recommended therapy due to an additional cost.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In the majority of cases x-rays are not required for the diagnosis of your condition. As such, to both decrease patient expense and limit exposure to harmful radiation, our providers do not routinely recommend x-rays as part of a Chiropractic evaluation.

    In some instances, x-rays may be necessary to safely proceed with care or to properly document or diagnose the extent of your injuries. In these situations, we will refer you to a facility that accepts your insurance and initiate care only if/when it is appropriate to do so without risk to your health.

    Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to your initial evaluation. Gym clothes are perfect! If you are presenting for evaluation of a specific area it is helpful if you wear clothing that allows us access to the area without you having to undress (i.e. tank top for shoulders, shorts for knees and hips).

    Our goal is to focus on getting you better, and that journey will be different for each patient. We want you to focus on your results, and not on your finances.

    As such, we are a pay as you go Chiropractic clinic. We do not require prepayment for services, and we don't do large payment plans. Patient payment is rendered at the time of service whether it is insurance-based or self-paid care. Our staff will inform you of your approximate costs prior to your appointment but remember: insurance verification is not a guarantee of payment and thus you are responsible for any unpaid portion of your care not covered by insurance.

    We are not the cheapest office in town, nor the most expensive. We price our services based on the time we spend with the patient and the experience of our providers. Consider that when it comes to your health, the cheapest option in the short-term often ends up being the more expensive option in the long-term.

    Follow-up Chiropractic appointments are typically 15 minutes in length. All our visits are 1-on-1 care with your Chiropractor. Our subsequent visits are "all-inclusive". We do not charge additional for specific therapies (i.e. dry needling acupuncture).

    All our patient forms are filled out through your online patient portal.

    For help in setting up your patient portal or in navigating the process of filling out your paperwork please contact us at (719) 596-8700.