Insurance coverage seems to get worse every year.

As of late, Health Insurance has become confusing to say the least. Chiropractic benefits are tied to every-rising co-pays, higher deductibles, and limitations on "necessary" visit numbers. Additionally, most insurances decide for the patient whether their care is deemed to be medically necessary. Often without ever speaking with you.

More than ever it is important to align yourself with the BEST healthcare providers, and not simply ANYONE that accepts your insurance.

Our team of dedicated Chiropractors in Colorado Springs will work with your insurance company to estimate your coverage and out of pocket expenses before we begin care. We continue to accept many insurance plans, and bill them directly. Your insurance website is the best place to see if we are a network provider for your insurance plan. Keep in mind that when dealing with costs, the rates you pay for co-pays and deductibles are set by your insurance carrier and not by our office. Co-pays and deductibles are universal regardless of which office you go to. So why not go to the office in Colorado Springs with the best Chiropractors?

Currently we are treating many patients in-network including:

  • Allianz
  • Aetna
  • Ameriben: City of Colorado Springs
  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Auto Insurance Medical Payments (MEDPAY): ALL PLANS
  • Cigna
  • Friday Health Plans
  • Federal Employee Program: Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Medicare
  • United Healthcare and UMR
  • MEDICAID and TRICARE: Please note these insurances DO NOT COVER Chiropractic care as a benefit.

No Insurance? No problem.

If you lack insurance coverage, we offer affordable treatment prices that are typically on par with most insurance copays. Our team of Chiropractors provide care in 15 minute slot helping to keep the cost down while not sacrificing the quality of your care. Your out of pocket expense will be the same for each visit, no hidden fees or unexpected charges. You also won't have to decline a recommended therapy due to an additional cost.