Shanan Lee

Massage Therapist and Chiropractic Assistant

Shanan Lee Massage Therapist in Colorado Springs

We are have partnered with one of Colorado Springs' best massage therapists to ffer a unique approach to massage to all our clients. Shane Lee (LMT) is the owner and director of Beyond Therapeutics, Shanan graduated from the Colorado Springs School of Massage in 2017 and soon after began working with our patients. She has developed a unique style of massage therapy that is based on the maximizing the patient's movement potential. Compared to traditional massage, which is aimed at relaxation of the muscle tissue, this approach provides vastly superior results. Our patients rave to the differences of her methods and the results they have received. Meanwhile, her google reviews speak for themself.

Shanan is currently splitting her time between her busy massage therapy practice at the Spine and Sport Center, and South College in Knoxville, TN. At South College, Shanan is working towards a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy (graduating Dec. 2023). Shanan felt limited within her massage practice and wanted to be able to offer more to her clients. It was this desire that helped push her towards Physical Therapy.

Shanan has a diverse athletic background as an athlete and nationally-ranked Powerlifter. This has provided her with a unique understanding of the injury processes in weightlifting and physical training. It also makes her our go to provider for complex soft-tissue injuries that require a more extensive approach that can't always be achieved through standard Chiropractic techniques. Shanan is an expert in getting you out of pain and back to the enjoying the activities you love. Her expertise isn't limited to athletes. She knows the right techniques to work with all levels of activity and ages and has had great success working with people with a variety of injuries related to car wrecks, including whiplash.

Shanan’s Approach

A Unique & Individualized Recovery

  • New patients are typically schedule with Shanan for an initial visit of 60 minutes. Treatments are performed with the patient fully clothed during the entire treatment. While working over the clothes may seem unorthodox, this technique enables the therapist to work freely without being inhibited by draping concerns. Comfortable, workout type clothing is recommended.
  • Once your therapist has determined the requirements for your future care, you can independently book your appointments in either 60 minute or 90 minute blocks using their personal booking site found HERE.
  • Shanan is the provider we call on when the extent of muscle involvement is beyond our normal Chiropractic Techniques. Her advanced understanding of the body, combined with her personal massage techniques provide the optimal approach to move patients towards their goals.
  • Each patient is unique and therefore requires a similarly unique approach. Patients can expect a treatment tailored specifically to their needs and goals. Whether you're working towards your first marathon, or just working on a computer 8 hours a day; Shanan is the massage therapist that can help get you back on track.