Dr. Samuel Haman



I was born in Colorado Springs into a very active and sports oriented family. Growing up, I participated in a wide variety of sports which included competing in Olympic Weightlifting on a National level as well as bodybuilding, football and wrestling. Being health conscious my entire life drove me to pursue a Doctorate in Chiropractic. I saw the benefits of conservative care when it came to injury prevention, and whole body health and wanted to be part of providing that level of care.

After attending Palmer College of Chiropractic in Florida, my interest in Chiropractic grew into a passion to serve my community - to help make it a healthier place for all ages. I have a special interest in prenatal, pediatric and sports chiropractic as I believe health is a lifetime pursuit that needs to be taught and nurtured from a young age. I believe the pillars of health are chiropractic, nutrition and exercise and that is reflected in the treatments I give each patient. Outside the office I love to spend time with my wonderful wife Emma and my Corgi puppy. We take lots of walks, love to work out often and enjoy watching a lot of movies.

Dr. Sam's Approach

"You can feel good with Chiropractic, feel better with exercise, but feel best with nutrition."

  • I treat each of my new patients as initial acute care, to focus on what is the true generator of their pain.
  • My goal is to improve health, improve mobilization and decrease their pain with my adjustments and soft tissue therapies such as AISTM and Dry Needling.
  • I preach patient education through rehab and strengthening exercises to help prolong time out of pain.
  • Each patient has the opportunity to pick my brain about nutrition. We are what we eat and it is the icing on the cake when living a full healthy lifestyle.