Tiffany – Front Reception

Tiffany: Front Reception and Chiropractic Assistant
Direct Line: (719) 596-8700

Tiffany is another of our new additions for 2018. Tiffany is a native of Colorado Springs and is currently finishing her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science at UCCS. Tiffany hopes to pursue a career in the medical field and hopes to someday become a medical doctor. Tiffany has a young daughter named Bella and together they enjoy taking in the local parks and trails while hiking, biking, and four wheeling. Tiffany believes in honesty and accountability when it comes to customer service and takes great pride in her passion of helping other people. She hopes to someday travel the world and witness first-hand all the wonders of the world.

What you don’t know about Tiffany:
She currently holds 17 certifications in Health and Fitness including Pilates Reformer®.
Her favorite food is Sushi.
Her favorite place is the beach and hopes to visit the Caribbean someday.