About Us – Shanan Lee, L.M.T. and Chiropractic Assistant

Shanan: Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and Chiropractic Assistant (CA)

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Shanan joined the Spine and Sport Center team in July 2018 as our Massage Therapist and Chiropractic Assistant. Shanan has shown exceptional skill and a dedication to learning. This made her stand out over many other candidates. She brings to the team an approach to Massage that synergizes with what Dr. Conrad offers in his treatments: medically oriented therapies aimed at eliminating your injuries. Shanan’s therapies are a good compliment to our Chiropractic care, but also serve as a stand-alone therapy for many musculoskeletal complaints.

What you don’t know about Shanan:
She is nationally ranked Power Lifter.
Her nickname is “Elbows” (book an appointment to find out why).

Her favorite food is Pizza.
She loves to Break Dance.
She enjoys the simple solitude of her dogs and her husband Ian.